100 positive affirmations for confidence, self love and success

A lack of confidence is something a lot of people in the world are struggling with.

This leads to people trying to avoid life instead of experiencing it. This is a tragedy, as confidence is actually something that can be learned.

In my personal experience spiritual/ personal tranfsormation courses are the best way to build confidence.

This is because the answers are not outside, but inside. To build confidence, you have to make the journey inwards, where you get in touch with the real you.

Courses like Living from a place of surrender by Michael Singer can help you with this as they guide you through every step of the process.

That being said, it’s also possible to try and find your own way with, for example, meditation, yoga, and positive thinking.

The latter can be very powerful. Positive thinking can help you look at life in a completely different way.

One of the best ways to practice positive thinking is through so-called confidence and love affirmations.

That’s why today, I’ll show you 100 affirmations for confidence that you can use any time, anywhere.

So let’s dive in!

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What are affirmations and how can they help?

Affirmations are short positive phrases that you say out loud or in your mind repeatedly during the day.

What’s the purpose you might ask?

Well… You want to use positive affirmations to turn a negative thinking pattern into a positive belief system.

After all, anything you pay attention to will grow.

That means you can positively influence your own thoughts to start the day happy, confident, energized and fun.

Positive affirmations help you break through ingrained thinking patterns.

From an early age, we have been responding to the information that we receive through our 5 senses, in a very specific way.

These responses turn into tendencies which in turn form the basis of our thoughts and emotion.

These ingrained patterns aren’t always negative, but when they are, they can get in the way.

For example, an inverted and negative affirmation is ‘I am not good enough.

When you become aware of these negative patterns, you can start creating new, positive thoughts.

Affirmations are therefore an important reminder for yourself to let go of old negative (thinking) patterns and to allow positive thoughts to manifest.

In other words, through affirmations for self love, you can reprogram your mind to be more positive. Therefore, you’ll also be able to create a positive self image.

How to use them

You can positively change your mindset by saying your chosen positive affirmation to yourself on a daily basis.

The power of love affirmations lies in repetition.

Try to make your affirmation part of your morning ritual and repeat it several times a day (at least for several weeks).

I can’t think of many ways to start your day better! Through positive morning affirmations, you’re setting yourself up for a good day.

Simply stick a post-it on the mirror or create a notification on your phone to remind yourself when you’re just getting started.

Daily morning affirmations are a great way to start off. However, it’s totally up to you to decide when you want to implement it.

At some point, you will naturally find the perfect moments throughout the day in which positive affirmations work best for you (whether it be in the shower, at work, or in the gym.

Just give affirmations a try, today’s the day!

How to choose the right one for you

Try to formulate your positive self esteem affirmation in such a way that it holds a certain positive emotional load.

Choose an affirmation that you feel an emotional connection with. One that you sincerely believe in (or at least believe that it could be true).

An affirmation that touches you emotionally is usually a good one.

In addition, make sure that you formulate your affirmation in such a way that it feels like it’s already a reality.

For example, you can feel the difference between “I want to be confident” and “I am confident”, right?

To help you on your way, I have listed 100 examples of positive affirmations to boost and develop confidence.

Check the full list of positive self esteem affirmations below!

100 Positive Affirmations To Inspire Self-worth and Confidence

  • 1. My destiny is in my own hands
  • 2. All of my thoughts, emotions and energies will lead me straight to success
  • 3. There is literally nothing that I am not able to overcome
  • 4. I’m a magnet for success
  • 5. Everything is possible, as long as I’m willing to put in the work
  • 6. I distance myself from negative self talk
  • 7. I am consciousness itself
  • 8. All of the problems I might face have solutions
  • 9. I’m fully in control of my life and the energy I put out into the world
  • 10. The Universe is generous with health, joy, and well-being
  • 11. I won’t let myself be bothered by any negativity coming up in my mind
  • 12. Great things are happening to me every day, even when I don’t see them
  • 13. I love the person I am becoming
  • 14. I expect the best for myself and the people around me
  • 15. I don’t have to justify anything to anyone, I am my own boss
  • 16. I know a positive mind will bring me success
  • 17. I deserve to be happy and joyful
  • 18. I am living my best life
  • 19. I am enough, I am limitless
  • 20. I matter, and I make a difference in the world


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  • 21. I feel comfortable speaking my mind, regardless of the situation
  • 22. I always see the good in others and in myself
  • 23. I feel amazing about who I am
  • 24. I’m proud of myself and my growth over the years
  • 25. I make good decisions all the time
  • 26. I make all the difference by simply showing up every day and doing my best
  • 27. I feel super healthy and strong today
  • 28. I can be a leader when needed
  • 29. I already have everything that I need to make it
  • 30. Miracles are taking place in my life each and every day
  • 31. I only attract positive people into my life
  • 32. I see myself becoming more confident each and every day
  • 33. I can figure everything out
  • 34. I believe in my own abilities
  • 35. I feel confident and strong
  • 36. I exude confidence
  • 37. I deserve good things happening in my life
  • 38. I am stronger than I might seem
  • 39. I can do everything I put my mind to
  • 40. I have the power to step out of my comfort-zone at will


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  • 41. I conquer every obstacle to create my dream life
  • 42. I am more than confident in my ability to change my life
  • 43. Mistakes are simply a stepping stone to success
  • 44. I naturally feel good about myself
  • 45. I am and always will be loved and respected, just as I am
  • 46. I am at peace in my life
  • 47. My life is amazing!
  • 48. I am beautiful, just the way I am
  • 49. I choose to fully embrace the mystery of life
  • 50. I treasure my imperfections, they are a part of me
  • 51. I am aware of my gift to the world and want to share it with whoever is willing
  • 52. I can easily adapt and change to my circumstances
  • 53. I am blessed
  • 54. I am worthy of having what I truly desire
  • 55. I am compassionate with myself and everyone around me
  • 56. I know my purpose in life is to live life to the fullest and create well being for myself and those around me
  • 57. I have great potential that I can tap into every day
  • 58. I am doing a great job
  • 59. I see challenges as great opportunities that can help me grow and improve
  • 60. I have the ability to express my true self


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  • 61. I appreciate all that I have, the small and the big
  • 62. I have control over my thoughts and thus over own reality
  • 63. There are no blocks in this life that I cannot overcome, I always find a way
  • 64. I distance myself from everything that is negative and release anything that doesn’t serve me
  • 65. I am grateful for my unique journey through life and its valuable lessons
  • 66. I am fearless, I am enough, always
  • 67. I live from a place of abundance
  • 68. I am a positive being that is fully aware of my potential
  • 69. I love seeing my self esteem increase every single day
  • 70. I can forgive myself
  • 71. I have great ideas that are valuable to myself and those around me
  • 72. Confidence is my birth right
  • 73. I know myself and I honor my boundaries, but I am not afraid to push these boundaries when needed.
  • 74. What I want is already here or on its way
  • 75. I am intelligent and capable, no one can tell me otherwise
  • 76. I create and welcome only positivity in my life, I am not susceptible to negativity
  • 77. I can and will be successful in everything I do
  • 78. I am persistent, always…
  • 79. I love to meet other people and make new friends wherever I go
  • 80. Everything is going according to plan, according to the laws of existence


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  • 81. I allow everything to be as it is, I surrender to the intelligence of creation
  • 82. I am my best source of motivation
  • 83. Everything will be okay
  • 84. Problems allow me to showcase my strengths
  • 85. I am braver than I give myself credit for
  • 86. I truly love and respect myself
  • 87. I enjoy going with the flow, it brings me peace
  • 88. I will continue to learn and grow, each and every day
  • 89. I don’t have to be perfect, no one is or should be
  • 90. My past can not and will not dictate my future
  • 91. I am super creative and can find new solutions
  • 92. The more I let go, the better I feel
  • 93. I feel joyful to look at how far I’ve come, and knowing how far I will go
  • 94. I am a good person
  • 95. I love myself unconditionally each and every day
  • 96. I have unlimited power
  • 97. I do not need validation from anyone, I know my worth
  • 98. I have all that I need to make today an amazing day
  • 99. I acknowledge my self-worth
  • 100. Confidence is my middle name


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As you can see, there are a lot of different positive and loving affirmations to choose from.

The spiritual affirmations are especially beneficial if you’re seeking spiritual growth. Affirmations for success will empower you to reach your material goals, while the self love affirmations will teach you how to love yourself and reach a state of complete acceptance.

In the end, it all boils down to the same thing, which is to help you feel strong, happy, and confident each and every day, and to free yourself from mental drama.

Whether you try to improve your inner well-being with the help of the training courses listed above, or you simply try to find your own way, I respect you deeply for trying to improve yourself, and I know you’ll reach your destination if you just keep going!

Let me know which positive affirmations for confidence you have chosen in the comments below!

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