What Does 11/11 Mean? Why Is Seeing 1111 Such A Powerful Sign?

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Here’s What 11/11 Means and Why Seeing 1111 Is Is A Powerful Sign

1.11/11 means that you are being protected by angels, and they are sending you messages to help guide your life.

11 11 on the clock

2. It’s a sign of good luck and prosperity in the future, so make sure to take advantage of opportunities that come your way because things will only get better from here on out.

3. This number is also a sign of spiritual growth and evolution in your life, which is why it’s important for you to keep taking steps forward towards becoming more evolved than ever before (just like this number!).

4. 11/11 shows up as an answer prayer or when we’re asking for something specific from our higher power or spirit guides so if this keeps happening then know that everything is going according to plan.

5. The angel numbers 1111 represent divine love flowing through us right now just like the angel who gave birth unto Jesus Christ himself  and his mother Mary herself said: “And she [Mary] conceived him [Jesus].”.

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You Can Manifest Anything Right Now

The best way to start manifesting is to focus on your thoughts.

If you’re having a bad day, try to meditate on the things you want and how they will make your life better.

When I first started learning about manifestation, I was taught that if you want something in your life, think about it and visualize it until it’s as vivid as possible in your mind.

Then sit down with pen and paper or open up a word document so that when the thing comes into reality.

it’s already written. I can’t tell you how many times this has worked for me. But there is one problem with this method: It takes time (and sometimes more than an hour).

So what do we do when we don’t have hours? We use our minds creatively instead of trying to force them into thinking like other people who are trying to manifest their own stuff like waiting around for someone else’s dream job or house or car to come true because they told us so on some blog somewhere online.

Instead of using our creative minds by forcing ourselves into thinking like someone else who wants their stuff manifested right now we can use those same creative minds by creating our own manifestations right now without having any idea where anything will end up going yet.

We call these creations manifestations because once created, they are actually doing all the work themselves without anyone needing instructions from us anymore which means we get out of the way completely while letting them take over everything else instead!!

An Energetic Portal Is Opening Up

In Your Room When you wake up to find a portal in your bedroom, it is most likely an energetic gateway that has opened up in your room.

11 11 in dreams

This can be a sign of new beginnings, new opportunities and new directions for yourself.

A portal opening up in your bedroom could also represent the energy that is being blocked from entering into this space or the energy that needs to be balanced out within this space.

This could mean there are energies around self-care, relationships or finances that need to enter into this space so they can be worked through and resolved so you can move forward with these areas of life.

If there are negative energies present around these areas then the doorway will only open as wide as necessary until those issues have been resolved and cleared from your home environment.

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You Might Be Meeting a Soul Mate or Your Twin Flame Soon

If you keep seeing the same person over and over again, it’s possible that they’re your twin flame or a soul mate. “If you are having recurring dreams about someone, this is often a sign that there is something special about them, explained Loewenberg.”

This could be their personality or even their soul mate which means they are destined to be with you for eternity.

Twin flames are people who have an intense connection with each other from another life time or in this life.

They may experience love at first sight, and when one dies so does the other until they’re brought back to life again by astral projection (more on that below).

A good way to tell if your crush from college was actually your twin flame is if they show up in your dreams frequently before meeting them for real-life interaction like I did above (and below).

Be Mindful of Your Thoughts

The number 7 is often seen as a sign of good luck. But, the same can be said for the number 8.

Number 7 on clock

So, if you keep seeing these two numbers together or other repeating patterns of numbers it could mean that your thoughts are playing a role in manifesting your reality.

“The message from these sequences is to focus on what you’re thinking” Loewenberg says.

Number 8 on clock

Pay attention to how you’re feeling and how that relates to what’s going on in your life.

For example, she suggests writing down everything that comes into your mind when those repeating patterns appear again and again (such as88888or73797).

And then look at each thought individually and consider whether any of them feel negative or self-limiting. If so, try replacing them with more positive thoughts like: I am enough just as I am right now nothing needs to change.

I have all I need right here within my grasp Right now things may seem challenging but they will work out.

Just keep focusing on one step at a time And don’t forget about this pattern until it stops showing up.

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Be Open and Receptive

The messages you are receiving from your spirit guides can be hard to ignore.

11 11 on clock

They show up in your dreams, during meditation, or when you are simply thinking about them.

If a message is important enough to get through all of that noise and still not make it into your conscious mind, then there’s no reason for it to stay hidden anymore.

This is especially true if the message has something to do with death or dying because this means that whatever was holding back that information has now been released and everything will flow freely again.

So how can you tell if a message from your spirit guide is important? Pay attention when they show up in different ways don’t just accept their presence as normal.

For example, I had an experience where I was having trouble sleeping one night so I decided to meditate before bed instead of trying another sleep aid like melatonin (which doesn’t work for me).

While meditating on my mat one evening after dinner (I’m not much of a morning person), my husband came home unexpectedly early from work and walked into our bedroom without knocking on the door first.

He saw me sitting upright on my mat staring at him wide-eyed with tears streaming down my face while he stood frozen in his spot by the door frame wondering what he did wrong now? After calming myself down enough so as not scare him even more than he already was (and realizing why his sudden appearance scared me), we both sat together downstairs watching TV until bedtime.

This incident happened exactly two weeks later which meant it would have been around 2am at 2pm a very rare time zone synchronicity indeed. So naturally being curious about what could possibly send tears flowing.

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