Meaning and Symbolism of Breasts in a Dream

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What does the breast mean in a dream?

The dream of the breast is a symbol of protection, nourishment and emotional security. It can also be seen as an indication that you have to take care of yourself, your health and well-being.

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Definition of women’s breasts

Women’s breasts are the mammary glands of a female human.

Basic Analysis Of Common Dreams About Breasts

Dreaming Of Having Big BreastsIf you had a dream in which you saw yourself having big breasts, it is usually a good sign. This dream indicates that soon your life will be full of happiness and joy.It means that you will have many opportunities to do things which are very interesting for you and they can bring great pleasure to your life.Dreaming Of Having Small Breast SizeThis type of dreams is not so common, but if it appeared in your sleep, then this dream could be a warning about some problems or difficulties that are coming into your life soon.It could mean the end of something important in your real life because someone has decided to stop supporting what was happening around them like their job or family situation etc..In such case there is no way out except accepting these changes and moving on with one’s own plans without any regrets or guilt feelings about anything else related because everything happens for the best reasons sometimes too.”

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Psychological interpretation of dream of breasts

The dream of seeing your breasts is a symbol of vulnerability, fear and insecurity. It may also indicate that you are feeling insecure about something in your life.Dreaming about large breasts indicates the need to express yourself freely and openly in front of others. If you have small breasts, it means that there is something lacking or incomplete within yourself which needs to be filled up with love or affectio

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