Can Black Tourmaline Be Sumberged in Water?

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The Properties of Water And Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline stone placed on the forehead

Water is a powerful element that can have a profound effect on the energy of stones.

It’s no surprise then that black tourmaline and water are an excellent combination.

Tourmalines with high water content work well with other stones that also have high water content, such as amethyst or selenite.

Water harmonizes very well with the earthy energies of black tourmaline, bringing them into alignment so they can work together to bring about their intended purpose in your life.

Black tourmaline is associated with grounding you in reality while allowing you to tap into your intuition and psychic abilities for guidance from beyond this world.

The deep connection between these two elements means they’re often used together in crystal healing practices.

In these practices, one stone acts as a carrier for another so it can be worked on more deeply without being disturbed by external forces trying to change its properties through outside influences (like light or heat exposure or even just moving around too much when not kept safe at home under lock and key!).

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Does Black Tourmaline Need Cleansing?

Black tourmaline is said to cleanse the aura and keep it in optimal condition, but I would not recommend using it as a regular cleansing stone.

Black tourmaline should only be used when you are ready to release any negative energy or attachments from your life and want protection against negativity.

It may also help with manifesting desires into reality if you use black tourmaline while meditating on your goals or visualize yourself achieving them through positive thoughts and actions.

ceramic tray with black tourmaline and other crystals

Does Black Tourmaline Dissolve When Put In Water?

Black Tourmaline is a hard mineral, so it’s unlikely that water will cause it to break down.

Unlike selenite, tourmaline does not entirely dissolve in water. It is made up of minerals that can resist billions of years of exposure to water.

With that stated, prolonged exposure to water can destroy certain Tourmaline components.

After being buried in water for too long, some people’s tourmaline has cracked or chipped away in spots.

When rainwater or saltwater is left in touch with Black Tourmaline for an extended length of time, it may be quite destructive. As a result, I don’t advocate putting tourmaline outdoors or cleaning it with saltwater.

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Creative Ways To Aplifly Tourmaline’s Energy With Water

The best way to activate the black tourmaline’s energy is through water.

People have found that putting a glass of water on your bedside table or next to your tourmaline is a great way to keep the stone energized throughout the day.

If you are using it as an elixir, It is recommended to drink at least one glass of filtered or bottled spring water with this stone before going to sleep each night.

This will help carry its energy into your dreams and give you more vivid and lucid dreams when you wake up in the morning!

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Can Black Tourmaline Go In Water?

As we discussed, Black tourmaline can be submerged in water.

However, it is best to avoid prolonged exposure to water as this may cause the stone to crack or chip.

Alternatives to Putting Black Tourmaline In Water

If you don’t want to put your black tourmaline in water, there are other ways to cleanse it.

You can also use sage, palo santo wood, or sea salt.

The best way is to check with a professional stone cleaner for the safest and most effective method of cleansing your black tourmaline.

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What Happens if Black Tourmaline Goes in Water?

Black tourmaline is a stone that’s not meant to be submerged in water for prolonged periods of time.

The most likely result of submerging your black tourmaline for longer periods is that the stone will lose its shine and coloration over time, especially if it’s been exposed to salt water or other chemicals found in tap water (like chlorine).

In some cases, soaking stones for too long can make them weaker over time because minerals within them may leech out into the surrounding area around the crystal when they’re exposed to moisture for too long (this is called “leaching”).

black tourmaline with cleansing kit

Can Black Tourmaline Go in Himalayan Salt?

Salt is an excellent way to cleanse your black tourmaline.

This stone is recognized for its sponge-like capacity to absorb negative energy, and by putting it over salt, you’re allowing it to release that energy into the salt.

As a result, the stone can better protect you from minor vibrations in the environment.

On the Mohs scale of hardness, black tourmaline has a 7-7.5. Minerals are assigned a number from 1 to 10 on this scale.

The greater the number, the more powerful it is. As a result, a stone with a greater number resists scratches better. Salt is unlikely to damage your black tourmaline as a result of this.

However, it is still recommended to be cautious, particularly with raw black tourmaline.

There are lots of fractures in these stones for the salt to seep into and attract moisture.

This can lead to breakage over time. As a result, It is not recommended to bury it in salt.

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What is Black Tourmaline Used for?

Black Tourmaline is used for grounding and protecting the root chakra, which is responsible for bringing in physical health.

It also helps with self-confidence and motivation

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