10 Inspirational Spiritual Quotes By Sadhguru

Jagadish Vasudev, also known as Sadhguru, is a renowned yogi and mystic.

He has been named one of India’s 50 most influential people, and his work has touched the lives of millions worldwide through his transformational programs.

Sadhguru has a unique ability to make the ancient yogic sciences relevant to modern-day society, acting as a bridge to the deeper dimensions of life.

His approach does not ascribe to any belief system but offers methods for self-transformation that are both proven and powerful.

He is one of my favorite spiritual teachers, he has helped me tremendously in my journey to inner peace and confidence.

That’s why, today, I want to share 10 of my favorite spiritual quotes and thoughts by the man himself!

So let’s dive in!

positive and inspirational quotes which bring confidence by sadhguru


As a human being, you should not think about where life will take you. You should only think about where you want to take it.



Do not worry about your future. Do your present well and the future will blossom



Fear and anxiety are the consequence of your imagination running wild. You are suffering a situation that may never happen.



As far as the laws of existence are concerned, there is no good and bad, no crime and punishment. It is just that for every action, there is a consequence.



A seed that does not sprout is as good as a pebble. For the divine seed that you are to flourish, you have to open up.



You must be playing your mind – your mind should not be playing you.



When someone else can determine whether you are happy or unhappy, is it not the worst kind of slavery?



You do not have to do anything, you do not have to think anything, you do not have to feel anything to be complete. You are a complete life as you are.



The highest force in existence is consciousness, and you are that.



If you are creating what you really care for, your whole life is a holiday.


Sadhguru offers numerous different “technologies for well-being” on his website isha.sadhgur.org, definitely check it out if you want to improve mental and physical health through yoga!

Which of the quotes do you like the most? let me know in the comments below!

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