What Do Dreams of Being Pursued Indicate?

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What can dreams about being chased mean about you?

What does it mean when you’re being chased in your dream? Chasing dreams are often a sign that someone is trying to get your attention. They can also be an indication of anxiety about something or someone in real life.

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Do the specifics of the chase dream matter?

According to Loewenberg, the details of the chase are less important than their symbolic nature. For example, if you’re running away from something in a dream it’s usually an indication that you’re trying to escape something in your life”and if you’re not running away then maybe there’s another way of looking at what is chasing us? she says.

Can you avoid or prevent dreams of being chased?

There are a number of ways to avoid or prevent dreams about being chased. The first is to be aware that you might dream about this scenario and prepare yourself for it before going to bed.The second way is by changing your lifestyle, especially if you have been doing things that make you feel anxious in the past few days. Try not to engage in activities where there will be risk involved because these can trigger such dreams more easily than others do

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