Palmistry’s Fate Line

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Beggars and Billionaire do have a fate line

Beggars and Billionaire do have a fate line. But the fate line is not as important as it seems to be.The location of the fate line on one’s palm does not matter much either, but if you are looking for your future then keep an eye on where your future lines are located!

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Too much importance is given to fate line

and life line. It’s not that important to find a good fate line or bad fate line.

What role does fate play in determining how much money we will have in our lives?

The idea that we are fated to have a certain amount of money has been around since ancient times. In the Bible, it is written that God determines how much wealth people will have in their lives.In the Middle Ages, fate was believed to be a woman who sat on your left shoulder and controlled how much money you would earn or lose in life.

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Fate line and mount of Saturn

Fate line and Mount of SaturnIf the fate line/ mount of Saturn is deep, it indicates that person has a strong will power. They have a good understanding about life and its problems. They are able to deal with all kinds of situations in their lives without getting affected by them.The person may be very successful in their professional life as well as personal life because they are able to handle both aspects with ease and balance out the energies between them which makes things run smoothly for them.

Fate line and mount of Mercury

Fate line and Mercury mountIf the fate line is on the palm it indicates that person will have a high level of education. The Mercury mount may be flat or slightly raised. It means that person will be able to express themselves clearly in public speaking situations.

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Fate line starting from mount of moon

Fate line starting from mount of moonIf the fate line starts from the mount of the moon it indicates that you are a person who is very emotional. You may be able to convince someone in your favor or not. It depends upon how you handle your emotions and what kind of relationship you have with others.

Y shaped Fate line

The fate line starts from the mount of Saturn and ends on the finger at the middle finger. It is a Y shaped line.

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Fish sign on Fate line

  Fate line and the fish sign on the palm:If you find a fish sign on your fate line it means that you are likely to be successful in business. The money will come from unexpected sources. It may be through a friend or an acquaintance who has been thinking about investing in your venture but never did so because of some reason.The success will not only come through investments but also by way of inheritance, lottery winnings, etc.

Short fate line it’s meaning

Fate line on the palm is a good indicator of how our life will be. Fate line is an indication of what are the things that we have to go through in life.Fate lines can also indicate where you should invest your money, or if you should take up a certain job etc.

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Fate line stops at heart line

fate line stops at heart lineIf the fate line stops at the heart/muladhara chakra it indicates that there is a break in your life. It may be due to marriage, divorce or separation. The person will suffer from emotional instability and depression for some time.

Broken fate line palmistry

The broken line is a negative sign. It may indicate that the person will lose money or property due to legal issues, accidents or illness.The broken line may also be an indication of a failed marriage as it indicates breakage in the relationship and divorce.

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Fate line branches end

in a person’s death Fate line branches ending in the death of the person is an indication of good health and longevity.

Fate line with branches towards Mars negative

Fate line with branches towards Mars negativeBranches pointing towards the Mars negative aspect will indicate a struggle and pain. The person may be under stress at work or in their personal life. They may also have to deal with physical illness or injury, loss of job, financial problems etc.

Double Fate line / parallel fate line in palmistry

Fate line/parallel fate line is a good sign in palmistry. It means that person has two sides to him or her. The duality of the person makes them more creative, innovative and dynamic in nature.

Fate line age in palmistry

The fate line age is the most important aspect of palmistry. It determines how fast it moves, its strength and weakness.The fate line may be active from a young age or inactive for long periods of time. If it’s active in childhood then the person will have good health throughout life but if this line is not present during youth then there are chances that he/she may get sickly as they grow older.

Palm reading no fate line

finger finger fate line palmistry finger no fate line finger.Fate line on thefinger of a person who does not have a clearfateline may be described as broken, missing or non-existent. Thebroken portionis called the missing portionand is considered to be more important thanthe part that is still intact.

Island on fate line in palmistry

The fate line on the Island is a good sign. It means that person will get success, wealth and happiness in life.

Triangle on fate line in palmistry

Triangle on fate line in palmistry is a good sign. It means that person will have some financial gains and will be able to provide for his/her family.

Cross on fate line in palmistry

Cross on fate line is not a good sign. It may bring some financial loss or loss of job. The cross on the fate line may also be an indication of health issues and sickness in future.

Square on fate line in palmistry

The fate line on the base of the palm is called as base line. It’s also known as starting point or foundation in palmistry. Fate line moves towards fingers and ends at mount of Saturn/ Jupiter in finger tips. Mount of Saturn/ Jupiter is considered to be a signer’s end or conclusion for life purpose, job, business etc.

Fate line stops at head line

fate line stops at head lineIf the fate line/palmer lines stop at the headline of a person it means that person will be able to make decisions in their life but they may not get success in their endeavors.

Fate line and life line joined

fate line and life line joinedIf the fate line is attached to the heart line it indicates that a person will be successful in love. The attachment of the life/ marriage partner’s hand or attachment of both hands together means that this person will have a happy marriage.

Fate line and sun line cross

fate line and sun line crossIf the fate line and the sun line cross it is a bad sign. The crossing of lines on our hands/palms is not considered to be good or bad, but rather just an indication that something may happen in our lives.

Fate line and life line cross

fate line and life line crossIf the fate line and the life line are crossing it indicates that there is a cross in between. It’s not good to have a cross on either side of the palm.

Fate line and head line merged

Head line and fate line merged together indicates a person who is very good at making decisions. He/she can make the right choice in all matters. The person may be married or single, but he/she will have a happy marriage life with his partner.Fate line and head lines merged together means that the person has an excellent mind power to solve problems easily without any stress or tension.

Fate line and life line parallel

fate line and life line parallelIf the fate line and/or life line of a person are parallel it is a good sign. The two lines may be close to each other or even touching but they should not cross. A person with such lines will have an excellent career, money, family, friends etc.

A long fate line

A long fate line may indicate a person’s age. If the length of the fate line is more than twice that of the palm, it means one’s age will be longer than expected.

A forked fate line

forked fate line palmistryFate line forked at the end is not a good sign. It may indicate that you are going to lose your job or business. The person may be in debt and unable to repay loans.The fork on the fate line can also mean that there will be two roads ahead of you, one straight and one curved but both leading towards success and happiness in life.

A cross on fate line

A cross on fate line is a good sign. It means that the person will be successful in their professional life. They will get high positions and money to live a luxurious life.

Luck line in palmistry

The Luck line is the same as it was in our previous article. It is a good sign, but not an excellent one.

Government job in hand

If you are dreaming of a government job, it means that you will soon receive an important promotion. You will be promoted to a new position in your current workplace or get hired by another company. It is also possible that this promotion comes from someone who has been close to you for a long time, like your boss or mentor.If the person giving the job is not someone from work but rather some stranger, then it could mean that they have good intentions and want to help us out in our lives. This can be very useful if we need advice about something and don’t know who else to ask for help.(via GIPHY)

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