Rats/Mice in Dreams – Dream Interpretation (Chinese Theory)

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General Meanings of Dreams about Rats

Dreaming of seeing a rat If you saw a rat in your dream, this dream could be interpreted as the result of your bad behavior.

General Meanings Of Dreams About Rats

You may have done something that was not good for yourself or someone else and now you are suffering from it.

In some cases, this dream could also indicate that there is someone who wants to harm you and make trouble with your life.

Dreaming of rats running away If you dreamed about rats running away, it means that there will be problems in the near future


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Dream Meanings for Colored Rats in Dreams

Dreaming of white rats If you dreamed of a white rat, that dream is usually not a good sign.

White Rat

It could indicate some problems in your life. This dream could also be an indication that someone close to you will betray you in the near future.

Dreaming of black rats Black rats are often considered as symbols for bad luck and misfortune. If you saw a black rat in your dreams, it might mean that something terrible will happen soon or even right now!

Black Rat

You should prepare yourself for any possible situation because this can be very stressful!

Dreaming of brown rats Brown is one color which symbolizes both wealth and poverty at the same time

Dream Meanings regarding Other Types of Rats

Dreaming of a black rat: If you dreamed about a black rat, that dream is usually an indication of bad luck. You might experience some financial difficulties or maybe even be involved in an accident.

Dreaming of white rats: White rats in your dreams are symbols of good luck and fortune. If you saw many white rats in your dream, it means that soon you will have a significant amount of money coming into your life or that the money which has arrived to you recently was very profitable for yourself and/or others around you.

Dreaming about baby (baby) rats: Baby animals represent innocence and purity

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Meanings of Dreams about Rats in Various Contexts

Dreaming of seeing a rat. If you dreamed that you saw a rat, it is usually not a good sign.

This dream indicates the possibility of betrayal by someone close to you in your waking life.

Dreaming of killing rats or other small animals such as mice can be considered as an excellent omen in some cultures and religions

Meanings of Dreams about Rats in Various Contexts

Meanings of Dreams about Rats Biting/Running

Away Dreaming of seeing rats biting you: If you dreamed that a rat was biting you, it means that there are people in your life who want to do harm to your reputation. They will try and make false accusations against you because they envy the success of yours.

Dreaming of seeing many rats running away: If a lot of rats were running away from something, such as chasing them or attacking them, it means that someone is trying to destroy your happiness and peace in love.

It could be someone close or even strangers who want to cause chaos between two lovers by spreading rumors about their relationship.

Dreaming about being chased by a rat: If the dreamer was being chased by a rat, this indicates an unpleasant situation coming up soon which will cause him/her discomfort and stress for no reason at all!

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Meanings of Dreams about Catching/Killing Rats

Dreaming of catching a rat: If you dreamed of catching a rat, that dream is usually not a good sign. It could indicate being surrounded by enemies who are trying to harm you or your loved ones.

Catching a rat

Dreaming of killing rats: If you killed the rat in your dream, that dream is usually considered as an excellent sign. This indicates overcoming obstacles and achieving success in life because those who plot against us will fail to achieve their goals now that we have taken action against them!

Rat killing

Dreaming of seeing many rats running away from you: This dream could be interpreted in two different ways depending on the circumstances involved in your waking life at this moment. If there are no problems currently bothering you and if everything seems alright with your current situation then this might just be an indication for some minor issues which should not bother anyone much anymore soon but still need attention sooner than later!

Alternatively, if there were any problems recently which made things difficult for yourself or someone close to yourself then this might represent these issues finally being resolved after so much struggle and hard work put into resolving them!

Killing rats can also symbolize getting rid off bad habits such as smoking cigarettes or drinking too much alcohol etc…

Psychological Tips for Those Dreaming about Rats

Dreaming of a rat infestation indicates that you are in need of protection. It is time to evaluate your relationships and consider whether they are beneficial or harmful to you.

Psychological Tips for Those Dreaming about Rats

If the dreamer sees rats running around, it means that he/she has many enemies who want them out of the way. If they see dead rats, then these people have already been defeated by them!

Rats in dreams can also be interpreted as a warning sign for those who have recently made some bad decisions and may now regret their actions. They may think about how things could’ve turned out differently if only they had taken better care of themselves!

Dreaming about rats biting someone’s hand represents an upcoming conflict with someone close to us (or even ourselves). Be careful not to get too involved with other people´s problems because this will only make things worse for us instead

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