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Why do deceased loved ones come to us in our dreams?

The spiritual world is a place where we can connect with our loved ones who have passed on. It’s also a place where they can send messages to us about the important things that happened in their lives, or what they want to tell us before they go.

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Is every dream a visitation dream?

  Not necessarily, but most of them are.

8 characteristics of true visitation dreams

1. You are visited by someone who is deceasedThis dream could be a visitation dream if you see your mother, father, brother or sister in the afterlife. This type of dream can happen to anyone and it doesn’t have any religious meaning.2. The person you saw in your dreams was not alive at the timeYou might have seen a dead relative such asyour motheror fatherin your dreams but they were already dead when you were growing up and didn’t know them anymore after they passed away from old age or sicknesses like cancer for example..3 “ Your loved one may appear as an angelThe reason why this happens is that there are parts of our soul that never die even though we do pass away physically from this world

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2 examples of visitation dreams

. 1. Visitation in a dream about your motherIf you have had a dream about your mother, it could mean that you are looking for guidance from her. You may be going through some tough times and need someone to talk to.It is also possible that you miss your mom or want to know more about her past life. In this case, the visitation dreams can help clarify things for you as well as give insight into what happened in the past and why certain things are happening now¦2.”

Can you ask for a visitation dream?

You can ask for a visitation dream if you want to know about your late mother’s feelings towards you.If the person is not in contact with their family members, they will have no way of knowing what the other thinks and feels about them.In this case, it would be best to just let go and accept that they are gone forever

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