Meanings of the Most Common Animals in Dreams

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Chinese Dream Interpretation Theory

In Chinese culture, the dream of a black dog represents bad luck. It is believed that seeing a black dog in your dreams means misfortune and even death.

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Meanings of 20 Common Animals in Dreams

1. A Lion in Your DreamA lion is a powerful animal that represents the qualities of courage, strength, and ferocity. Seeing one in your dream means that you are undergoing these qualities right now “ whether it’s on an emotional or physical level.It could also mean that you are going through a period of growth and transformation as well as being more assertive than before. It can often symbolize leadership too “ so if you see one while dreaming, it might be time to take charge!2/20In this photo:Lions at the San Diego ZooPhoto: David McRitchie / UnsplashIf there was another animal with the lion in your dream (for example two lions), then this could mean different things depending on which other animals were present with them (eagles for example).However, generally speaking seeing lions together suggests power and authority over others

Other Archetypal Animals that Chinese Dream Theory Covers in Detail

The following section provides a more in-depth look at the symbolism of each animal, and how it relates to your dream.1. The SnakeIn Chinese culture, snakes are viewed as symbols of fertility and renewal. They’re also seen as symbols for wisdom because they can shed their skin to become new beings with different characteristics (snake shedding its skin is one of the 12 signs that foretells the coming year’s harvest).The snake is also symbolic for water because they live in water bodies and can swim on land or in water like fish do (they even have fins like fish!). Snakes are associated with yang energy “ which represents strength, power, vitality “ so seeing one could be interpreted as a sign that you need to balance out your yin energy by doing something nurturing or calming such as taking a bath!2. A TigerA tiger symbolizes courage due to their fierce natur

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