Calm-Inducing and Stress-Relieving Stones

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The 7 most calming and stress-relieving stones

Crystals are often used to help people relax and de-stress. But what are the most calming stones?

Relaxing Quartz Stone

Here’s a rundown of some of the best:

  1. Amethyst
  2. Citrine
  3. Fuchsite
  4. Lapis Lazuli
  5. Rose Quartz
  6. Smoky Quartz
  7. Celestite
  8. Fluorites
  9. Black Obsidian
  10. Rhodonite
  11. Moonstone
  12. Ametrine
  13. Charoite
  14. Petrified Wood
  15. Howlite
  16. Pyrite

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Amethyst ‘the Anxiety Alleviator’

Amethyst is a beautiful purple crystal that has been used for thousands of years to heal the mind and body.


It’s also known as the anxiety alleviator, stress reliever, and even an aphrodisiac.

Amethyst is said to be able to help clear negative energy from your space and bring peace in any situation.

This crystal can also help you find clarity when making decisions or facing challenges in life by bringing awareness into your reality with its high vibrational frequency.

Rhodonite ‘the Releaser’

Rhodonite Stone is a powerful healing stone that can help you to release old patterns and thoughts that are holding you back.

Rhodonite is a pink or red stone that is said to help with heartache, sadness, and depression.

It is also known as the healing crystal for the heart

It can also be used to boost self-esteem and confidence.

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Citrine ‘the Composer’

Citrine is the stone of creativity. It’s a powerful motivator and helps you to channel your creative energies in a positive way.

This crystal encourages you to be more expressive and communicative with others, as well as yourself.

Citrine also has the power to heal emotional wounds that may have been left from childhood trauma or abuse “ it can help mend broken relationships by bringing peace back into your life.

Moonstone ‘the Mellow’

Moonstone is a beautiful stone that has many different names and forms.


It’s often called as

  • The Mellow
  • Melting Stone because of its soft, feminine energy.

This energy can be calming to those who are feeling anxious, overstimulated or out of balance in their lives.

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Rose Quartz ‘the Relisher’

The healing properties of Rose Quartz are legendary and it is a stone that has been used for centuries by healers and practitioners.

Rose Quartz is said to be the best crystal for bringing harmony back into your life, especially when you have lost it.

It can help you let go of the past so that you can move on with your life in a more positive way.

This beautiful pink stone also helps to release pent up emotions such as grief, sadness or anger which may be holding you back from moving forward in your life.

Rose Quartz

Celestite ‘the Celestial’

Clear, bright and full of energy! This crystal is one of the most powerful crystals in existence.

It amplifies all the good vibes that you are sending out into your space.

Celestite will bring a sense of peace to any room it’s placed in.

It’s a combination of

  1. Clear Quartz
  2. Smoky Quartz
  3. Amethyst.
  • Clear quartz is used to cleanse and open up the third eye
  • Smoky quartz helps you to see your own power and how you can use it for good in this world.
  • Amethyst works with the other two crystals to help ground them so that they can work at their highest potentials when working with these energies.

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Ametrine is a high-vibrational stone that can be used to balance and cleanse the solar plexus chakra.

It helps you feel more in control of your life, especially when things get chaotic or out of hand.

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Borate or Baryte:

A mineral that is a member of the feldspar family. It’s most common form is as white, glassy lumps.

Borax: A soft, silvery-white mineral with a chemical composition of beryllium oxide and sodium carbonate. It has an alkaline earth metal taste and smells like freshly mown grass when it’s crushed between your fingers.



Fluorite helps you to find your inner peace and calm.

It is a stone of great wisdom, with the ability to heal emotional wounds that are preventing us from achieving our full potential.

Fluorite is also known as the mineral of perfection because it can help us achieve goals that we have been dreaming about for a long time.

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Fuchsite is a greenish-gray mineral that forms in volcanic ash.

It’s often found with Hematite, and both are said to help balance the mind and body.


Howlite with its pale yellow and creamy white color, it’s a stone that is often overlooked.


However, the energy of this stone can help you to achieve balance in your life.

It’s a great crystal for those who are trying to overcome emotional or physical issues because it helps them to maintain their mental clarity while healing their bodies.

In addition, in some cultures Inyame is considered an ancestor who watches over us from above so the Inyame crystals bring good luck and fortune into our lives as well as protection against negative energies coming from other people or places around us.

Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a deep blue stone that helps you see the truth about yourself and others.

It’s also known as the mind’s best friend because it sharpens your mental faculties, making you more intelligent.


Black Obsidian is a powerful tool for grounding and removing negative energies.

It is also used to cleanse the home, office or space you are working in of any negativity that might be present.

Petrified wood

It is a type of fossilized wood that was formed by the process of petrification.

The wood has been turned into stone through mineralization, which means it’s no longer alive.

It can be found in many parts of the world and is often used as an ornament or decoration in homes and offices because it gives off a very pleasant smell when burned.


A crystal that brings you good luck, the Pisces is a stone of imagination and creativity.


It’s also associated with the planet Neptune, which is ruled by intuition and psychic ability.

Fool’s Gold: This yellowish-to-brown mineral has a metallic luster that makes it look like gold but it isn’t real gold! This soft mineral was named after its resemblance to gold dust in sparkly light.

Smoky quartz

Smoky Quartz is a stone of clarity and is known to cleanse the third eye, which is believed to be the seat of intuition.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz may also help you see your own truth, as it brings awareness to any blockages in your life.

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