Holding Hands Is A Dream

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Holding Hands – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming of holding hands with someoneIf you dreamed that you were holding hands with someone, that dream is usually a good sign. It means your relationship will be very happy and stable in the future.Dreaming of holding other´s handIf you dreamed that someone else was holding your hand, that dream could have several meanings depending on who held my hand and what kind of person it was. If the person who held my hand was an attractive woman or man, then this dream could mean some romantic encounters are about to happen soon. If it was a friend or acquaintance from our surroundings then this dream could indicate some social gatherings are going to take place soon where we might meet new people which would make our lives even more interesting than before.Dreaming about being in love but not showing it yetIf you dreamed about being in love but not showing it yet, such dreams aren´t always bad signs as they often symbolize hidden feelings which need to be revealed sooner rather than later because they can cause us great pain if we don´t do something about them sooner rather than later so these feelings won´t become too strong for us to handle anymore once they start affecting our lives negatively by making things difficult for us when we try hiding them from others any longer now since those emotions are starting causing problems within ourselves as well so let me explain further now¦…When dreaming like this there is no doubt whatsoever …that feeling inside yourself right at this moment isn´t exactly pleasant at all so I recommend taking care of yourself first before trying solving whatever problem has been bothering you lately because if anything goes wrong while doing everything necessary for getting rid off whatever issues have been bothering us lately then there will only be on

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