What Does It Mean To Have A Red Aura?

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What Makes Our Aura Different Colors?

aura colors

Aura colors are not always white, yellow, or orange. Some people have a green aura while others have a blue aura.

Others may even be purple! The reason why some people’s auras appear to be different colors is because they contain different elements of color within them.

For example, someone with a blue aura might have air energy in their aura while someone with a green aura might contain water energy in theirs.

The best way to understand what makes our auras appear to us as different colors is by thinking about the elements of color that we see when looking at an object made from those same materials:

  • Air has red and violet hues
  • Water has blue hues
  • Earth has brown/yellowish-brown hues
  • Fire has orange/red tones
  • Space contains no hue

Each element gives us its own unique set of vibrations that can affect how we feel and think about ourselves and the world around us.

For example, if you are feeling anxious or depressed then it could be due to your high vibration being affected by your low vibration (i.e., air vs earth).

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Red Aura Meaning

In general, the characteristics of red aura are::

  • Power
  • Passion
  • Strength

Red is the color of power. It’s associated with passion and strength.

When you see a red aura in your life it may be because you need to tap into those energies more deeply or that someone else needs your help doing so.

red aura meaning

Is a Red Aura Bad?

Red auras are associated with the root chakra, which is all about survival and security.

Because of this, red auras can feel like they’re always in danger or on the defensive.

Because of this, it’s common for people who have red auras to be perceived as aggressive or competitive even though they may not actually be either!

This can make them seem unapproachable to others because other people don’t want to get involved in an aura battle.

If you have a red aura and you aren’t feeling safe and secure in your environment (or if you’ve never felt that way), there are steps that you can take right now to begin healing your aura so that it matches your true identity instead of what others perceive it as being.

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What Is The Meaning Of A Violet Aura?

Violets are associated with spiritual growth and meditation practices such as yoga or mindfulness meditation where we learn how to control our thoughts rather than letting our thoughts control us (which is called thought discipline).

Because violet energy focuses on self-growth through introspection, those who exhibit violet energy often find themselves gravitating towards careers such as psychology where they get opportunities for personal growth by helping others heal their mental health issues while also learning more about themselves along the way!

violet aura

Red Aura Personality

The Red Aura is a powerful and dynamic energy that can be intimidating to those who aren’t used to it.

This aura is all about passion, power, strength and dominance. It’s the aura of a warrior or someone who has been in combat before.

The red aura person loves challenges, they love being able to overcome obstacles with their own strength alone ” no help from others! They are very competitive people because they like winning at everything they do so much!

They also have an intense need for physical intimacy which can sometimes lead them into unhealthy relationships where there’s too much dependency on one side or the other usually on the part of their partner but not always!

These people are often driven by lustful desires that make them act irrationally at times when lust takes over instead of thinking things through logically.

If you see red around you then it means your emotions are running high right now so pay attention as this could be an important message from your Spirit Guides telling you something important about yourself or how best to approach a situation in life right now while there’s still time left before something bad happens due to inaction on your part (or lack thereof).

red aura perosnality

Red Aura Careers and Hobbies

Those with a red aura are often drawn to careers in sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

They may also be attracted to careers that involve leadership or management.

Red-Aura People

  • Charles Schwab
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Warren Buffet

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Location of Red In Aura

The color red is the most prominent in our aura, and it can be found in all parts of the body.

The energy of red moves through your entire body, from head to toe. It flows from your root chakra at the base of your spine up to the crown chakra above your head.

The color red is also associated with emotions, which means that when you see this color in an aura reading it may mean that you are feeling a certain emotion or feeling overwhelmed by a certain situation.

red aura wallpaper

Color Variations of Red in Aura

Colors and colors are very important to the way we feel, think, and act. The color red is no exception.

Red has a wide range of meanings within the world of psychology and spirituality.

It can be seen as a positive or negative color depending on how it appears in your aura or spiritual energy field.

The most common variations of red include

  • Red-orange: This hue represents passion, creativity, confidence, ambition and leadership in life
  • Red: This shade represents strength, vitality, courage, optimism, joyfulness, and loveability
  • Red/pinkish/purple (mauve): Often associated with psychic abilities such as clairvoyance.
  • Reddish brown: Representing grounding energies that help you stay connected to earth energies.
  • Reddish orange (orangy-brown): Representing physical healing through diet or exercise.

Other shades may appear too.

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Compatibility With a Red Aura

red flower

The color red is the most compatible with a person’s who has a red aura.

People with red auras are very energetic, outgoing, and adventurous.

They love to be around people and enjoy being in groups of all kinds ” from small parties to large social gatherings.

People with orange or yellow auras tend to be more introverted than those whose energy is predominantly green or blue, but they still have many qualities that make them great friends and partners for those who want an active life-loving presence by their side.

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Crystals for a Red Aura

roze quartz

Red crystals for a red aura include:

  • Red Jasper
  • Red Carnelian
  • Carnelian
  • The stone of the Sun, this is an excellent crystal to cleanse your aura. It will help you connect with your inner truth and bring out the best in you.
  • Ruby – This beautiful gemstone can be used as a powerful tool to heal emotional wounds and restore balance in your life.
  • Rose Quartz – Rose quartz is great at bringing peace, love and harmony into any space it’s placed in. It resonates deeply with all chakras, so use it often when working on balancing them out

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