What’s the Significance and Symbolism of doves?

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What does a dove symbolize?

dove symbol

Doves are a common symbol in mythology and folklore, appearing in various stories from around the world.

Doves are symbols of love, peace, and harmony. They represent the power of unconditional love and the healing powers of forgiveness.

To give you a quick overview, doves symbolize the following:

  • Peacefulness
  • Protection
  • Goodwill
  • Love and Affection
  • Harmony

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Detailed Dove Symbols and Meanings

The dove is a symbol of peace.

It represents the power of love and forgiveness.

In Christianity, Jesus was depicted as carrying a basket full of doves to signify his mission to bring salvation and love to the world.

The dove has also been used in ancient Egypt for representing fertility because they were often found near or around temples dedicated to goddesses such as Isis and Hathor who were associated with birth, life, death, rebirths, etc.

Doves are monogamous birds that mate for life with one partner even after many years together they will still mate every day if their partner isn’t present.

This trait makes them perfect symbols for marriage because it shows how true love can last forever not just during courtship or passion but throughout our entire lives until we meet our maker (if you’re looking at wedding symbolism then this is an excellent choice!).

In addition, there are some interesting stories about doves from various cultures around the world:

Native Americans believed that if you killed a white dove it would bring bad luck.

detailed close-up of a dove

White Dove Meaning & Symbolism

What does a white dove mean? White doves are very rare, and therefore special.

They represent purity of thought, action, and feeling. The color white is associated with the element of air which rules our thoughts and feelings.

Therefore, the spiritual meaning of a white dove is related to your thoughts and emotions as well as your actions in life.

What does it mean when you see two doves?

The number 2 represents unity or duality “ such as yin-yang or polarity in nature where there must be a balance between opposites such as light & dark.

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Dove Spirit Animal

If you were born with a spirit animal, such as a dove, it means that you are spiritually guided and protected.

Doves are gentle creatures who love peace and harmony.

They also carry the message of forgiveness in their soft feathers.

If your spirit animal is a dove, it can be helpful to meditate on its meaning when you feel stressed or overwhelmed by daily life challenges or responsibilities.

You may find that doing so helps bring more peace into your life while reminding yourself of Dove’s gentle nature especially when things get rough!

a white dove

Dove Power Animal

The dove power animal is a helpful spirit guide who helps you to find peace and tranquility.

This spirit guide can help you to:Find your inner peace, so that you can be at ease with yourself and others around you.

Know when it’s time for change in your life, so that the changes will be positive ones.

Be more loving towards yourself and others by learning how to self-soothe when things get rough or stressful in life.

Dove medicine teaches us about the importance of love, compassion, forgiveness, healing our wounds from past lives or traumas we have experienced on Earthly matters whether it is physical or mental as well as spiritual healing such as prayer and meditation.

If a dove appears before you during an important period of your life such as pregnancy then this may indicate that a new baby will enter into this world soon!

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Dove Totem

dove totem

Animal totems are powerful symbols of the protective powers of their animal totem. Thus, the dove totem is a symbol for peace and harmony.

It is also a symbol for spiritual enlightenment and finding your path in life.

Furthermore, it can be used as an emblem to represent love or affectionate feelings towards someone else in your life who shares this same affinity with doves such as family members or close friends.

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Dove Symbolism in the Bible & Christianity

a yellow dove

In the Bible, the dove symbolizes peace and purity.

The Holy Spirit is also compared to a dove, as he comes down from heaven like a gentle wind and brings life-giving water for humanity.

The Holy Spirit descends as a dove in John’s baptism, and Jesus is said to have sent his spirit down as a gentle wind that brought life-giving water.

In the Bible, Noah sends a dove from the ark to find land after it has become too stormy for him and his family to leave.

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Native American Dove Meanings

Dove medicine is a powerful force for good.

Native American tribes revere the dove as a sacred bird and treat it with great respect.

The Pueblo People of New Mexico consider the white-tailed doves to be messengers from their ancestors, while other tribes believe that they are protecting them from evil spirits or even guiding them through life’s lessons.

The Hopi People also have legends about how these birds helped people escape when they were in danger during times of war or famine by carrying messages between villages and helping keep peace between enemies.

For this reason, many tribes consider the dove to be an important symbol in their culture because it represents peace and harmony rather than conflict among its members.

a white dove

Dove Symbolism in Aztec Mythology

The Aztecs believed that the dove was a messenger from their god, Tezcatlipoca.

They also associated this deity with fire and the sun.

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The Dove in Greek Mythology

In ancient Greece, the dove was sacred to Aphrodite (Venus), the goddess of love.

In fact, in some parts of Greece, it was illegal to kill a dove or even touch one without first offering a prayer.

The Greeks also associated doves with Persephone and her descent into Hades (the underworld) after eating pomegranate seeds that were meant for her mother.

Thus, when Persephone returned from hell on December 25th as part of Greek Christmas celebrations, she came back riding atop a white dove “ which is why we still see white doves at Christmas time today!

The Dove in Celtic Mythology

The Celtic Goddess Morrigan with a Dove.

In Celtic mythology, the dove is associated with love and peace.

In fact, in some stories, the goddess Morrigan rides on a white dove as her chariot when she goes to battle against other deities and supernatural beings (like King Arthur).

5 white doves

Dove Symbolism in Japan

In Japan, the dove is a symbol of peace and represents the concept of hokkai or harmony.

The Japanese word for dove is hokkai which literally means white bird

Dove Meanings in China

In China, the white dove is a symbol of peace as well. The Chinese word for white dove is yuanying, which means sacred bird or holy bird.

The ancient Chinese believed that if you saw a white dove in your dream it meant that good news was on its way and to stay calm and positive while waiting for the news to arrive.

What’s the Meaning of a Dove Dream?

If you dreamed about a white dove, that dream is usually a good sign.

It often indicates your desire to make peace with someone or something in your life.

If you dreamed of seeing many doves, that dream could indicate some people who are close to you will soon be facing some problems and difficulties.

Maybe they will need help from others so they can overcome their problems and difficulties.

If you released pigeons in your dream, such dreams are not very good signs and could indicate the possibility that someone might try to deceive or trick us somehow soon.

a white dove in someone's hand

Dove Tattoo Meanings

A dove tattoo can be a symbol of peace, love, and affection.

It can also represent the Holy Spirit or the power of God.

In some cases, it may also mean that you are an adoptive parent to your child’s baby picture.

Doves Meaning Love & Relationships

What do doves represent in a relationship?

The dove is often associated with new beginnings because they mate for life (unless one partner dies first).

This represents commitment to one another forever! It also represents monogamy or being faithful to your partner.

In addition, it can mean that you should be open about your feelings with your significant other so that they know how you feel without fear of rejection or hurt feelings on their part.

What does it mean if you see two white doves together?

Two white doves together can signify an upcoming wedding ceremony in the near future!

a dove

Doves Symbolizing Peace and Harmony

Doves are often used as a symbol of peace and harmony.

This is because doves are gentle birds that rarely fight with their peers.

They also have a very high social intelligence, meaning they can easily recognize the intentions of other birds when they enter their territory or flock.

This makes them an ideal symbol for peaceful coexistence between different species and even humans who wish to live in harmony with nature or each other.

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